Sunday, October 20, 2013

I wanted to let you know how the team is doing. It has been great having them here. Each team has such different personalities. God puts teams together well :) 

On a little side note. A few e-mails ago I shared some of the things boys will do. I have another quick one to share. There is one little boy in the children's village named Belano. He wanted to help me with my laundry really bad. I said "yes, but please go wash your hands first".  So off he went to wash. He was back in about 10 seconds and I am looking at his wet hands and saying, "that was too quick, how did you wash that fast". I thought about it for a minuet or 2.Then I said "Belano, did you wash your hands in my turkey's water"? He smiled really big and said "YES". We busted up laughing and then I sent him to really wash his hands, using soap :)

I forgot to mention that after taking school supplies to Perou, we visited a sugar cane press. Mike took a great photo of Luie and Robert working the press. In the evening the team made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone. The children loved them, so did the staff.  

Friday the team took more school supplies and passed them out in the villages of Poteau and Marotte. On Saturday the team was able to see the Awana program in action in our Marose Church. They also had a water balloon fight with the children. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game. In the evening everyone was able to play with Glo-sticks. 

Sunday morning Nathan was at the Poteau church with a choir he has started. It is a combination  all of our Good Shepherd churches. Mike preached in Pass Rein. Many came forward for prayer after the service. In the afternoon we celebrated all of the October birthdays. Nathan played the accordion and we sang Happy Birthday in English and Creole, along with other songs. 

Tomorrow the team will be headed out to Port-au-Prince very early in the morning. The team will be leaving around 5:30 am.The team will fly out in the morning also. Please pray for safe travel.

It will be hard as two team members are my son and daughter in law. I miss my family greatly.
Well, I guess that is all for now. Thank you for your prayers.
Blessings, Chris

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