Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I wanted to send out another update and let you know of prayer needs.
The solar power is running great. It is so wonderful to have power 24 hours around the clock. It is such a blessing, it is hard to express. You would have to live in a place with little or no power to fully understand the appreciation we have. Dana has been here doing the follow up and will be leaving for Port-au-Prince tomorrow. He will be staying with a friend from college who lives in port and he will be flying out the next day. Please pray for safe travel and on time flight connections for him. Please pray that God blesses his socks off for all he had done for the Children’s village here in Haiti.
Sunday night we had 7 more people give their lives to the Lord. Sunday night the Madame, who was the main witch doctor that originally had control over the village of Pass Rein, came to Nathan and said she wanted to talk to him again about accepting Jesus into her life. She still has not made the commitment, but I think she may be closer if she is willing to talk about it again. Please keep her in your prayers.
School finally started Monday morning in Haiti. The Haitian government postponed the start of school by a whole month this year. It is no wonder that the country of Haiti is so oppressed. Almost everything is against them. We also started school again in Marose, Marotte, Perou and Poteau. This year we added a new school in Pass Rein. So if any of you would like to sponsor a child starting school for the first time ever, please let us know. We have a lot of unsponsored children. It is only $15 per month per child. Next week when things are a little more settled into a routine at the schools, we will take our second October team, which arrives Saturday, to visit the schools and take some photos for you. We will be passing out the school supplies you have donated to the school children. Please pray for all of the children as they settle into school, some of them for the first time. Also please pray for our second team as they fly out of Seattle on Friday and arrive here Saturday. My second oldest son and his wife will be part of the team. They are expecting their first and we are very excited to see them.
We have 11 older children going into Gonaives for High School this year. Seven are from the Children’s village and four are from our villages. Three of these children from the villages need to be sponsored, so there is lots of opportunity to help.
Praying that all of you are having a fruitful fall.
Blessings, Chris

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