Wednesday, October 16, 2013


We wanted to share more from Haiti with you. Our second October team arrived Sunday. They were supposed to fly out of Seattle Friday night and arrive in Haiti Saturday. Twenty minuets before arriving at the airport, which is 2 hours away, they found out that their flight was cancelled. They were not able to get another flight until Saturday evening. The airlines put them up in a hotel for the night, but it makes their trip one day short :(

The team arrived in the late afternoon on Sunday and spent the rest of the day playing with the children. Nathan said 4 people gave their lives to Jesus at church.

Monday morning we spent time organizing and dividing out the school supplies for all of our schools. We also divided out the new embroidered shirts for the teachers at our schools.

Tuesday morning we went to our new school in Pass Rein. We took the school supplies and passed out backpacks. We also took photos of the children and Melissa took photos of each child individually for school child sponsoring. We spent a few hours at the school and totally disrupted their school day:) After visiting Pass Rein, we went into Gonaives to the market. The team then decided they would like to go to bible study and prayer and worship in the evening back up in Pass Rein. On Tuesday nights it is held at someone's house and affects the neighborhood. As we drove into Pass Rein it started to sprinkle. After two songs, it really begin to pour. One of the team members later said they had never been so wet from rain. When it rains in Haiti it is serious, the rain does not mess around all day trying to decide what to do, like in Seattle. We were totally drenched, then we found out that another witch doctor wanted to give their life to the Lord. We drove as close as we could to her home and then got out and walked. When we arrived at her home, she was surrounded by 4 of her younger children and 2 teenage children. The two teenage children said that they also wanted to accept Jesus into their lives. We sang and prayed for her and her children. Then another child in his early twenty's came out of the hut and said that he too wanted to accept Jesus into his life. So we sang some more and prayed for him. Nathan went into the house and talked to another boy in his twenty's and he too said he wanted to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. So again we sang and prayed. The whole household chose to accept Jesus last night. It was a pretty amazing time. We were rejoicing over the incredible opportunity we were given, as we walked back to the trucks in the rain.  

Today, Wednesday, we visited our school in Perou. We passed out school supplies and brought the teachers some of the new embroidered shirts. We also took group photos in Perou. Some of which I will post. Later on today, we took all of the children to the river, which was a lot of fun. We sat in it, were carried away by it. We also passed out new flip flops and crocks to the children and underwear for the girls and a track and field shirt for the boys. Then tonight we showed the second "Ice Age" movie to the children. It is one of those films that show the comedy, which is enjoyable in any language.

Tomorrow we will be going in to see another friends ministry and then we will celebrate my son Dustin's birthday a little late with my son Joshua's birthday a little early. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers. Please continue to lift the ministry, our team and family up in prayer. 


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