Thursday, October 3, 2013

We are so excited. Today our first team of October arrived. And thanks to them we will hopefully have a solar power system running. We have been so extremely blessed by Cookshill Community Church. They desired to bless us and chose to hold a fundraiser for a solar powered system for our Children's village. They raised enough to purchase the system and ship it to Haiti. Then Dana, who is an alternative energy engineer designed the system for the Children's village and flew here to install it.  Some prep work was done this afternoon when they arrived. Tomorrow we have two fellow missionaries who speak great Creole coming to help and learn about solar power. So we will have a crew of both Haitians and Americans working side by side. Please pray for everything to go smoothly. They have a lot to accomplish in their 10 days here. Please pray for them to be blessed as well. 

This Sunday Mike will be preaching at Pass Rein and Nathan will be leading worship. Please pray that God draws the people. We still are seeing many salvation's in Pass Rein.

We have two girls who live in Pass Rein who would like to go to high school. They have to commute daily into Gonaives to accomplish this. Pass Rein is a fairly poor area, even according to Haiti's standards. The two girls have asked us to help them with the cost of tuition, a uniform and books. I was wondering if any of you would feel led to help them. $30 per month is all that it would take to help each of these girls further their education. The majority of Haitian's never get past 6th grade. For a girl to be educated is even more rare. We would really like to see these two be able to go to high school, which is the next step for them.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer.

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