Monday, September 30, 2013

I wanted to write and share a few simple things. Sometimes I sit at the end of the day and wonder why I am so tired and often it is because of simple things, not anything big. I have been starting plants in 5 gallon buckets, peanut butter jars, oil (vegetable) bottles, etc. I cannot put them in the ground yet because the ground is supposed to be leveled out. This was supposed to happen next week for the last 2 months. Every day I hear “Mama Chris your plants” Most of the children know that no one is supposed to hurt them, so they call me when someone does, but some of the children just can’t stop themselves. This morning as I watered the plants I noticed that someone was trying to be helpful and wrote Mama Chris on every potted plant in creole, they also spelled my name wrong and wrote Christ instead of Chris. I just sighed and asked who had tried to help. Most times it is something like that. Other times they know what they are doing and know they shouldn’t and still do, like locking a younger child in the kitchen. They are kids and kids do things, like wonder what happens when you stick your finger in the hole of a pencil sharpener? I do my laundry by hand in cold water, two of my older children help me now, but hands get tired after hand wringing laundry for 7 people, think of sheets, bath towels and jeans. So next my laundry is sitting in tubs waiting for me to hang it on the line. All of the sudden I have half a dozen little dirty hands wanting to hand me clothespins and wet clean clothes, some of them white.  The children also have a hard time going around the line of wet clean clothes, instead of just through them. In the process some of the longer items, like the bath towels hit the dust, literally. Sometimes one nanny comes and asks for lotion, soap, toothpaste or something else. Then they all think it and I have a steady stream every 5 minutes for the next hour. Just try and get anything done, like homeschooling for 5 kids. In the beginning it was new and no big deal. After a while it was frustrating. Just the past couple of weeks it has finally become just part of life here. I am trying to learn to walk out my day with less frustration, lower expectations and more joy. I have an extremely strong passion in regards to justice versus injustice and right from wrong. And right now I am being put to the test not only daily, but sometimes minute to minute. Steph, back in Washington likes to say something is a 1st world problem versus a 3rd world problem. I read about a lot of 1st world problems on face book. So when I wake up in the morning and find a pipe has broken somewhere in the children’s village, and because of that there is no water, which in turn means there is no food, I think that ranks as a 3rd world problem. It is a little bit more life effecting then 1st world inconveniences, but the bible says I still have the same choice to make.  Will I choose to find joy?  Our walk is full of choices and sometimes they are easier to make then others. Bottom line I do love it here and this is where I know we are supposed to be. But God is using daily, no minute to minute circumstances to sharpen me. I have been reminded of a quote by George Muller “Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.” I do not have the power myself to choose joy, I need God to help me make the choice, in spite of the circumstances, to choose joy. Some moments I can see this and some moments I just cannot. I guess that is where faith comes in no, I know that is where faith comes in. Trusting in Him to finish the work.
Love and blessings,


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