Monday, September 23, 2013

A lot has been happening here in Haiti, thank you for your prayers. 

Mike said the fundraiser on Saturday night went fantastic. Everyone enjoyed themselves. I have heard that Kiana Bosman even sang a solo in Creole. Way to go Kiana. We are super excited as this fundraiser's purpose is to expand our children's play area even more. It will include a large covered concrete play area, complete with concrete picnic tables and benches. There will be permanent markings for hop scotch, 4 square, and even a couple of basket ball hoops for games. The cover will make a wonderful shade area for playing. Thank you to all who participated in the fundraiser. 

Speaking of fund raisers, thanks to the mission store Bob and Rose Crabtree held in July, all of the children now have new church clothing. The church clothes arrived last week and we passed the clothing out to all of the children in our children's village. The outfits were complete with shoes. I will try and get some photos on the blog tomorrow of the children. 

Yesterday we went to church in Pass Rein. It was a great service. After which we were told that there was a women who was involved in voodoo who lived a few miles away that wanted to give her life to God. So we, along with half of the church went to her house. We started worshiping. She gave her life to the Lord along with much weeping. Then an older women who lived there also, asked if she could give her life to the Lord. Next a younger man choose to give his life to the Lord. We worshiped some more and then she gathered her voodoo items and poured kerosene on them and lit them on fire. You could literally see the emotional and spiritual load she was carrying lifted off, she even looked younger. Once again, thank you to all who faithfully keep praying. 

Today Nathan took the Marose youth group to an area about 45 mins from here for a little break. They swam in the river, spent time praying and worshiping and just hanging out with each other building relationships. We would love prayers for the youth groups in each of our Good Shepherd churches.

All of this week, Sunday thru Sunday we will be having a revival in our Perou church. Please pray for the community of Perou. Their community is very similar to Pass Rein. Pray for the Spirit of God to be there and for people to choose to follow Jesus.

Tomorrow Nathan will be a guest speaker in one of our Pastors association churches, please pray for the spirit of God to move in that church tomorrow evening.

Many blessings,

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