Sunday, September 1, 2013

Prayer for yet ANOTHER WITCH DOCTOR and a funny story

Hello again,
Hope all is well as you start into the fall season. Summer is still going strong here, in the mid to high 90's. I think we must have acclimated better than I thought, as it does not seem as hot as that.

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for Pass Rein and the witch doctors who live in that area. We had another witch doctor from the same area of Pass Rein come to the Lord tonight. Four other women from the same area involved in voodoo also came to the Lord this morning during church. Woo-who! PRAISE GOD!!!! He is sooooo good! There has been a ton of spiritual warfare this week aimed at us, (me in particular, but also at Mike and Nathan) which now makes sense. The witch doctor has asked Nathan and some of the church to come to his house and destroy all of the things he has, connected to voodoo, witchcraft and satan. Please pray for protection, discernment and wisdom for Nathan, the church member's  and the witch doctor. Please also pray for the witness that this will be as more and more light enters this area of Pass Rein. What better witness to other witch doctors could there be than the two who are now walking with Jesus. Please also keep the witch doctor who was saved in our Marotte church in your prayers. 

And now for the funny story :) This one is about Mike:)
We have had bees decide to take up residency in the bathroom of the medical clinic and one container, 100's of them, in a swarm bigger than a basketball. All of the men who work for us were afraid of them except one who was not available to help the night before last. So Mike had to take care of them by himself. There were many onlookers at a distance. First he waited til dark so they would be domicile. He took care of the ones in the medical clinic first, which were in the cabinet. He covered the whole cabinet, opened the door a bit and sprayed. The cabinet literally hummed and vibrated. Then the bees started swarming out. Mike got out of the clinic and when he checked in the morning there were about 100 dead bees on the floor, the rest had left. Next he went to the container. So even though he is not afraid of bees, he is looking all around and double checking to make sure he knows where they all are, only problem is, it is really dark outside. So he again tries to block all areas of escape  and just as he starts to spray a giant toad the size of a large grapefruit decides to jump on Mike's leg and hug it. Needless to say this sufficiently freaked Mike out and he screened much to the delight of the girls sitting on the church steps watching him. Hope this adds a smile to your day. 

Love from Haiti,

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