Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dear Prayer Partners,

We so appreciate your comments and feedback from the stories that we send to you from Haiti. We know that your reply's are just a small percentage of those who are blessed and encouraged by them. One of the consistent themes we see in some of your responses is the encouragement to your faith, that God is still alive, and indeed moving in a powerful way to redeem and restore His people. 
     Since we have been ministering here, God has graciously changed our perspective to allow us to see much more clearly the reality of our oppressive enemy, Satan. To see all that he is doing to rob us of the joy and freedom that God intended for us to have in Him, here and now, in Haiti or the US or any other Nation on this earth. "Jesus came to declare the truth and that truth would set us free." Satan is in an all-out war to steal that truth from you, and thereby keep you in the ruts of this dark world. 
    Many of you feel so stuck in your world, even though you are a Christian and go to church regularly, you don't see or feel the presence of a real God anywhere. And you often wonder, "what is the point." We write these stories to encourage you and let you know that YES, THERE IS A GOD, AND YES, HE IS ALIVE........
     In affluent America, we have so many options to turn to with our pain and our needs. And here in lies the problem. We can go to a counselor, we can go to a therapist, we can go to the gym, we can go to the bars, or a lawyer, or a girlfriend or drugs or just stay at work for longer and longer hours...............This is exactly what Satan wants us to do. He knows that none of these will truly satisfy us in the long run, but in the short term, they can look and feel pretty good.
     This is the truth! God created us to "NEED HIM," and "To hunger and thirst for him."  This is not a sign of weakness, or a need to be healed. It is how we were made. And God will be faithful to our needs and our crying out to Him. The reason that we see God moving so powerfully here in Haiti, is because the people here are so desperately aware of their needs, and they have very little options to turn to. So when they call out desperately to God, He hears them, and He answers them, and moves powerfully among them. He does it here in Haiti, and He can do it in America too. 
    We love you and appreciate you. Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God, here in Haiti and anywhere else in the world. Our prayer is that you will see Him, and hear Him, and truly know Him...........Mike

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