Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello again,

Today was the baptism for the youth. Several of the youth that chose to be baptized were from our Children's Village. Here in lies the funny story. Mike has baptized 100's of people over the years, but today was a little different. One of the boys being baptized was Junior, from our Children's Village. Junior entered the river and Mike prayed over him like he normally does at a baptism. Then he went to tip him backwards into the river, most people bend their knees at this point and whoever is doing the baptizing lets them down into the water and then lifts them back up. But not Junior :) Junior locks his knees and goes over backwards with his full body weight  against Mike's arm. The current is so swift behind them that it knocks both Mike and Junior down and they both go floating down the river. Mike's sandal even came off in the process. They both came up laughing and as soon as it was obvious that know one was in danger, everybody burst out laughing. If you had to pick who that was going to happen to, everyone who knows Junior would have picked him. Mike's comment was maybe God thought he needed to be under the water a little longer than everyone else. For those of you who know Junior I am sure you would have thought this was very fitting. What a crack up :) After the baptism we gave each of the youth being baptized a new bible if they did not already have one. 

Church is going great in all of our villages. This week is the last week of the 43 days of revival in Pass Rein. Last Sunday the witch doctor that I wrote about who gave his life to the Lord, gave his testimony. It was great hearing him share about how everything had changed for him and how grateful he was. We had a great night in Pass Rein also, with yet one more salvation. A lady who had been to church many times decided last night was the night she would say yes to Jesus. Her decision affected a lot of people. Sunday in Marotte we had another witch doctor give his life to the Lord. I was talking with Nathan about the witch doctors coming to God and asked him if the people were fearful of the witch doctors coming to God, or if they believed them, or if they were excited about them coming to God. Nathan said it was really encouraging to the people of Haiti. God is really setting people free that appear almost impossible to reach. And like I have shared many times before, your prayers help make this happen. Thank you for being willing to spend your time investing in prayer for the broken, the lost and the needy. It is pure religion according to James 1:27.

Nathan and Mike have been preaching almost every night between the two of them. On Sunday's they preach twice sometimes, in the morning and evening, giving two different messages. Please keep them both in your prayers, for health, safety, perseverance and direction from God.

Many Blessings,

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