Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Thank you so much for all of your prayers. We wanted to update you on Haiti and the team. Again no internet for 4 days. We ended up paying someone to come out from Gonaives to work on our internet, he said only part of it was fixable, part of the problem is the internet in Marose  is only running as 2G  instead of 3G like Gonaives. He said the company needed to update it to 3G. That and the fact that we have been at the revival each evening when the power is on has made it hard to send updates. So I will try to catch you up. 

The team has been great. They have been holding VBS each day with the children. The children have really enjoyed it. They have been very creative with the crafts. The program has been based on the bible written for youth in comic book style, called the Action Bible. The artwork in it is pretty incredible. Today they asked the children if they wanted to see the translator do the actions to the songs, as he translated this to the children he was looking sideways at Becca one of the team members, she said his expression was one of "I can't believe your asking me to say this." The children all shouted yes, so he had to act out the song :)

Darrell, who was here in May helping to put some cabinets in for us is also here again with his wife Sue. He has been busy finishing up some projects and repairing things. He worked on our projector and was able to finally get all the bugs worked out between it and my laptop. So we are able to show movies to the children without everything being mickey moused together. I am not that electronically savvy. The only way I could figure the sound out was to hook Mikes laptop speaker to my laptop and put a microphone in front of it that was hooked up to a larger speaker from church. Mike tried buying different wires in the market in town, but we hadn't been able to get it to work. Thanks to Darrell the children watched Happy Feet last night and ate popcorn with Mike and Darrell, while Becca, Sue and I went to the revival. 

The last three evenings we have spent in Pass Rein at a crusade. We held the crusade/revival outside in a large field. It was a ton of fun, kind of like an outdoor summer concert for God. We had a wooden stage built. Some bare light bulbs strung out on wires. Each evening a different pastor preached, Mike preached the first night. Nathan and a team led worship and it was excellent. The Holy Spirit moved and many came forward for prayer. We had 32 salvation's and many re-dedications. Each night was about 5 hours of worship, prayer and preaching. There were  600 to 700 people attending every evening. Worshiping with that many people on fire for God was amazing. 

Yesterday the team also went to the market and spent some time checking out the city of Gonaives. Today they visited Peru. They meet some of the youth group and spent time praying over them individually. We also visited Wadner, the boy who is crippled and spent time praying for his healing. He is so full of Joy when we see him, each time we visit it seems God heals him a little more. 

Many Blessings to you,

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