Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Whispered in the sounds of silence...." an old song from the 70's. 

The words I thought of to describe what I am hearing tonight.
I am sitting in the light, and it is quiet, utterly quiet. So quiet in fact that I can hear all the insects singing. Something not ever possible before. Either we had light and noise or no light and the sounds of silence. I know this does not make sense. But in all of the years I have either traveled to or lived in Haiti, light and electricity has been a scarce commodity and has always come with the noise from a generator. There is very inconsistent power available in the three largest cities. Sometimes even in Port-au-Prince the electricity from the city would be off all day and come on at 2:00 am in the morning for 3 or 4 hours. Or sometimes it would just go off and on every 20 mins or so for the whole day. Here in Marose, there is no power available and we have always depended on generator power. So it has been limited, costly and noisy. I am someone who likes to garden with no lawn mower noise or noise from any other power tools. So it took me a few minuets to figure out why I felt so peaceful. Then it dawned on me, that I could HEAR insects, which can be quite loud in the night here, AND at the same time I had LIGHT. Somehow that was never in my expectations of having solar power! It was a huge and joyous surprise. So much so that I went and got Mike, Dana and John and made them go outside and listen to "the sounds of silence". I feel soooo blessed!

The solar powered system is now completely installed and the team is spending time monitoring things. They are also teaching us how to monitor, and do maintenance.Thank you for your faithful prayers. 

Church was great this morning. Many came forward for prayer and healing. After church we took individual photos of the youth group kids (and a few adults that insisted we take their photo also). We will send the photos to their partner youth group in America, along with their letters. 

Please pray for John as now that our system is installed, he will be traveling to Port-au-Prince in the morning and flying out in the afternoon. 


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