Friday, March 29, 2013

We wanted to send out an update. The team arrived home safely. They flew out Monday morning and had a layover in New York that evening. They flew to Seattle the next morning. Some went to a hotel, some saw the empire state building, the M&M wall, and some did street evangelizing. 

This week and last, the children have been out of school for carnival and Easter. We have been spending a lot of time just building relationships this week. Also we have been working on language. Becca and Janae are really getting good at the language. 

This week also has been spent preparing for a wedding. Nathan's sister, one of our nurses named Betsy, is getting married tomorrow morning. Mike will be giving the message. There have been many friends and family helping. Becca has been the official gas oven lighter. She is the best at it. I was able to help make the wedding cake. It has been fun seeing all the special food items that are being prepared. There has also been painting and decorating at Nathaniel's house, Nathan and Betsy's father. 

Please pray for Mike as he shares the message and for Betsy and Figleson, whom she is marrying. It should be a fun celebration.

Mike will also be preaching on Easter Sunday, please pray that he shares what God has for the people. That it will be encouraging, uplifting and hopeful.

Both Becca and Nathan's health is improving a little. We felt a spiritual lifting happen as we prayed for them today. Today is the first day that we have seen real improvement. Thank you for lifting them up in prayer, we really appreciate your prayers.


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