Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today was a great day for the team. The dental clinic went well. Dave, Julia, Tami and Lynn have been such a blessing. Steph and Rose said the Women's Health classes went well also, they have tackled some difficult topics. They passed out more feminine hygiene kits also. Kacie taught the women's bible study as Becca is still sick. Please pray for her and also for Nathan. Nathan is having a flare up of his Malaria. Becca has a really bad cold which seems to be bordering on Bronchitis. 

I stayed back and just had fun with the children today. We played memory and slapwhich, among other games and we drew all over the outside walls of the short stay missionary team rooms with sidewalk chalk. I probably started sometime I may regret later, but the children and I had a blast. I will try posting photos on the blog later. 

The team also spent time painting the girls fingernails, complete with flowers. I will try posting photos of the nail painting also. 

Tomorrow morning we will be going to Pass Rien for church. Nathan's grandfather will be preaching. This should be quite a treat as he is a character and was quite an evangelist in his day. We are looking forward to hearing him speak. The team will also be doing a craft with the children in the afternoon.

Tomorrow will be the last full day for the team. Besides the March team of 9, Laura will also be leaving. She has been here for two months. It will be very hard on both her and the children. They are already starting to feel the emotions as the time to leave comes closer. It will also be an adjustment for Laura as she goes back to work and life in the states. And an adjustment for the children, because they have become close to her. I know each one of them would appreciate your prayers.

Again thank you so much for your prayers.

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