Friday, March 1, 2013

We wanted to give you an update on what has been happening since we left Washington. We arrived safely at the children’s village, after enjoying a great meal at Madame Nathan’s.
We are staying in one of the short term missionary stay rooms right now. Our children seem to be adjusting pretty well. They are completely worn out by the end of the day though between the other children and the heat.
Last Sunday at the end of church another 10 people committed their lives to the Lord, one of which was a witch doctor. Praise God!!!!
Tuesday evening we visited a home group from the Pass Rein church. Picture a hard packed dirt yard in front of a cement block house, about the size of a small kitchen and dining room in North America. There is a wire from this house with a single light bulb hanging from it going to the generator we brought. There are about 125 people packed in the yard. We brought a sound system for the music and speaking. Two of the speakers are within 5 feet of us. They are turned up and there is a chicken in a coup another 5 feet away at the most.  Poor chicken. Worship is a full on celebration. They asked Mike to share a message. After the message about 25 to 30 people came up for prayer. Then there was another time of worship. Besides the single light bulb you can see the full moon rising into the evening. God moved so powerfully and it was so amazing to be outside in the night in the Haitian countryside and seeing everyone so full of God’s joy. The couple volunteering their yard were probably in their late 60’s and are new Christian’s. They had perma grin on their faces (if there is such a thing).
A friend from another ministry came to visit us up at Pass Rien and had a dream the next night. In his dream he saw two little girls who looked like twins come to him. As they greeted the little girls they noticed marks on their backs, symbolizing voodoo. As they prayed for the girls the symbols disappeared, breaking the curse of voodoo. A few nights ago as Nathan returned from Pass Rien he opened the truck to let two little girls who looked like twins out. He said that their father was a witch doctor and had just died. The mother of 10 children was unable to care for them. This, team has spent much time praying over the girls and believe that they represent the breaking of the spirit of voodoo at Pass Rien. Please remember to keep praying for the people of Pass Rein. God is so on the move.
Today the team climbed prayer mountain. It is a place where there is always someone praying for Haiti, 24/7. The mountain is shaped like a pyramid, and about a ½ mile climb straight up.
Tonight the team will go back up to Pass Rein for another “all night prayer and worship” time. Nathan and Mike want to keep having the “all night prayer and worship” celebrations every Friday night as long as the revival lasts. So many people are accepting Christ as their savior.
Thanks so much for your prayers.
Mike and Chris 

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