Friday, March 22, 2013

Thank you again for your prayers. The dental team worked very hard today to finish up all the dental care for the orphan's in our children's village. They were also able to help some more from the community. One young lady from Pass Rien was in so much pain, that when the team had to stop last Monday, because of the dark she was almost in tears. So She was given money for a tap tap, so she could come to Marose and get the dental work done. She came on Tuesday and her tooth needed to be extracted. She was so thankful afterwards that she ran around and hugged and thanked everyone. Yesterday a boy about 10 years old came. One whole side of his face was hugely swollen. The girls gave him a small little car and his whole face lit up. They extracted his abscessed tooth and he too was so very thankful. Even though he was young and afraid, he knew it would take away his pain. It is amazing, to think of how hard it must be to do life when dealing with so much pain. The dental team has been such a blessing to the people in our villages. 

The team also gave out the gifts to the children from their sponsors, which is a special time for the children. Lynn and some of her friends made special notebooks for some of the children. And Bobbi, Rose's daughter made up pencil cases full of things for each of the children. 

Tonight is all night worship in Marose. Mike is preaching, please be praying that God speaks to their hearts. I went to the first part until it was time to put my kids to bed. One of the young girls from our children's village, Bergelande helped to lead worship. She was beaming from ear to ear, the whole time she was up front. It was a very special privilege to her.

Please also be praying for Becca and Pastor Nathan. Both are pretty sick. We prayed over Becca this afternoon and she was able to get some immediate relief, but could still use prayer. I believe it is Spiritual warfare in both cases. Both Becca and Nathan are pushing hard into the Spiritual realm in Pass Rien. And, as one of our friends from another ministry put it during prayer, they are undoing what satan has worked for, over the last 1000 years to bind up.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Rose and Stephanie will be doing Women's Health classes in Marotte, also David, Julie, Tami and Laura will be holding another dental clinic. Becca and Kacie will be teaching the women's inductive bible study. So it will be a full day. Please pray for all of them as they reach out in their different giftings to help the Haitain people. Thanks and blessings,

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