Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank you so much for your continuing prayer support. We really appreciate the prayers. Every night the church in Pass Rien meets. On Tuesday evenings they meet in someones yard. They meet in a home or yard for two reasons. The first reason being to bless the family, the second to have the presence of the Lord in the neighborhood, which aids in spreading the Word. This Tuesday Kacie, Nathan and Mike went to the home meeting. The dental team remained behind in the children's village working on the children's teeth. Nathan lead worship and Mike preached. Many came forward for prayer. One man in particular needed prayer. When Mike prayed for him, he lifted Mike's hands on to his shoulders and indicated he needed healing in his shoulders. He could not lift his arms high to worship. Mike started praying for him and he was healed suddenly and started raising his arms and praising God. God's mercy has been so incredible in Pass Rien.

This morning Rose and Steph held the Women's Health class and passed out more feminine hygiene kits. They had about 50 women again.  Becca taught her women's inductive bible study again. And the dental team continued to worked on more of the children in our children's village. Laura was really good at making sure someone was with each child if they had a procedure done. Can you imagine sitting in a chair as a child and seeing all the dental tools. And then seeing  them come at you with a needle. They had an interpreter explaining everything to each child, but still some were scared, the girls did a great job comforting them. As I sat by the girl we are trying to adopt, holding her hand, it almost made me cry, thinking of how they felt, and no mother being a mama for them. So after today there are a lot less cavities and abscessed teeth. They also performed dental work on people in the community of Marose, actually they are still performing dental work as I type again. Please pray for the health and stamina of each of the team members. They are putting in long hours trying to treat as many patients as possible. 

Later in the day the team also visited friends of ours that run a ministry in Gonaives. They were able to purchase some items made by Haitian women, who are learning how to do business and provide a living for their families.

Well thank you again for your prayers, it makes a difference knowing our back is covered. I will try and post a team photo. It does take longer to post photos from Haiti, so give it  bit :)

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