Friday, March 15, 2013

I  am writing to let you know that the March team flies out tonight. Please pray for safe travel and on time connections. 

I also wanted to share a bit of some stories that Mike has been compiling. Someday they may be in book form, Many have suggested he write a book. For now he is just trying to save them, so we do not forget all that God has done and is doing. So here is an excerpt from one of the stories, it pretty much sums up how amazing God is and how he has been moving here in Haiti. 

"By the time church was over 30 people had come to salvation in Jesus. That night 35 more people gave their lives to Him. The Spirit of God was so heavy in Pass Rien,  that all could feel it as they entered the area. This began the revival of Pass Rien. I don't use this word lightly. I hesitated using it for quite some time. But when there is a move of God that brings people who have been steeped in Voodoo and witchcraft to their knees in repentance and 4 to 6 people to salvation in Jesus Christ every day since our first day, it can only be called a revival. And this is exactly what has been happening.  I am writing this 5 months later and it has continued every day. 
The people of Pass Rien have begged us to have church every day. So we have. We have encountered such a move of the Spirit of God that some nights we don't even start worship or preaching before some are asking "how they might be saved." They never like to end the meeting either. Their favorite meeting is the Friday, "All night prayer and worship." We start about 7:00 pm and go till 5:30 am. And the people literally pray and worship all night until 5:30 in the morning, then they go to work."

There are many stories, too many to share by e-mail. Along with the salvation's there has been many healings. 
God is on the move. We thank each and every one of you that has prayed for Pass Rien. 

Along with the amazing victories there has also been spiritual hardships, I guess you get one with the other. Please pray for health and protection. Please also pray for understanding and communication. We are trying to come along side of the Haitian people. Coming along side is harder than just doing things ourselves, our way. Please pray for wisdom and discernment. Thank you so much we are so thankful for your prayers.

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