Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sorry the updates have been slow in coming. Our wireless stopped working. We are now using 3G sticks until we can get someone to repair it. The sticks are inconsistent, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they work, but take 20 or more minutes to load. So I have not posted a lot.

The team has been doing great. Yesterday the team visited Pass Rien and divided up in to three groups. Rose and Stephanie taught on women’s health issues. Rose also belongs to a group called mission impossible. Mission impossible is a group of Christian women who get together and sew women’s feminine hygiene pads. They passed out 50 kits and had over 50 women attended their teaching.

Becca’s friend Kacie is part of the team. Kacie help’s Becca in Seattle with the inductive and deductive bible study teaching. Becca has spent time in Pass Rien teaching twice already. She has 4 women that she has been training as leaders for Bible study. So Kacie and Becca spent the afternoon teaching these women some more. Becca felt like she was supposed to spend some time teaching on the Holy Spirit. The team said that the Holy Spirit fell on these women. The time was amazing. Becca then asked them to spend time praying and teaching each of their groups. Kacie said that the women definitely left with a mantle of leadership on them. 

Laura’s father Dave, who is a dentist along with Laura and her sister Julia, Tami and Lynn held a dental clinic. They filled cavities, extracted teeth and performed other necessary procedures. Their part of the team stayed in Pass Rein from 10 am until 7 pm, without taking any breaks. Basically they worked until it was too dark to keep working.

Each of these groups will be meeting again in other villages we minister in, throughout the week.
Today the team is working with the children in our children’s village. They all had dental checkups earlier today. Also they each received a medical checkup from Steph and Kat, both nurses. Right now, as I write, David and his team are hard at work filling cavities and performing other procedures on the children’s teeth that needed the extra help.

It is amazing how God puts together each team knowing what will be happening at the time and what the need will be. He is so good.

Our daughter Janae is a social bug to say the least. She is conquering the language quickly and has already mastered one whole song in Creole’. She was worried about leaving youth group and dance and some of her more social activities back home. She is really enjoying being here; it is like being at youth group 24/7. Thank you so much to all you who have been praying for our family.

Tomorrow we will be holding the dental clinic in the village here in Marose, along with the women’s health teaching and the women’s bible study teaching. Please pray for God to really show up here tomorrow. Pray for the revival fire to spread to Marose. Also, thank you so much for praying for Pass Rien. God is still bringing people to the Lord each day in Pass Rien. He has so much grace and mercy.


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