Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 If you have ever been to Haiti with New Generation Ministries, then you have surely seen and felt the passion of “football” (soccer) in Haiti. Soccer is the national Haitian pastime and it isn’t any different at the Good Shepherd Children’s Village. Every evening as the temperature slowly drops the soccer game begins. Our short term mission teams have observed some hard played and passionate games. The kids go all out, especially if another local team has come to challenge our boys.
  The problem, and it is a Third-World problem, is that our fields are mostly gravel and the ball really takes a beating. So much so that a good $40 soccer ball will last 2 or 3 days at best. I’ve seen one good game destroy a new ball. The kids are unfortunately left to playing soccer with water bottles and stuffed animals or whatever they can find.
   Finally after observing this problem all over the globe, some smart guys were challenged to find a solution. “Futbol” has designed a somewhat indestructible soccer ball only available to ministries like ours to help these kids with their favorite, healthy pastime. “Futbol” can’t be punctured and can’t go flat. It has an extremely durable cover, and yet kicks and feels the same as an official soccer league ball.
For the children at the Good Shepherd Children’s Village, and some other ministries that we have shared them with, this has been a God’s send. If you would like to ask me more questions about the Futbol or how to send more Futbols to the orphanage, please feel free to respond……………Mike

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