Thursday, April 11, 2013

I thought I would write and update you. Both for interest and prayer requests. Our son Jeremy and his wife Davida and my granddaughter Jessie just left for Washington today. They have been staying with us this past week. They helped to celebrate our youngest daughter, Lizzy's birthday. We were able to find a nice place with a small pool to spend a quiet day as a family. Well maybe not so quiet :) we had 8 children with us. But it was good family time. It was with tears that I said goodbye. It is hard knowing I will not see them until December probably. Davida is pregnant and due in July. I will miss seeing the baby. 

In one week, we have two friends that we have known for over 30 years coming to visit. They are both very good carpenters and decided that they wanted to help us get into our house sooner, so they booked a flight and are coming next Thursday. They will be leaving the same day our daughter Becca and grandson Felice leave. The coming is great, but all this leaving is very hard. Becca has such a great handle on the language here, not having her with me will make a huge difference in every day living for me. She has had a very amazing and fruitful time here. She has been teaching in all of our villages. She is trying to spend multiple times teaching and developing relationships and leaders in each village. The women spend a good part of the day with her each time. In Pass Rien, she spends time walking through the village now and visiting the women, they are so excited to see her. She usually has a parade of children with her that grows as she visits. There are several women who want her to baptize them on Saturday. When she is finished teaching they sit with her until her ride comes and they bring her coconuts to drink and eat. They have really accepted her and love her.  And, there is much fruit, couples who are living together wanting to get married. Women sharing their hearts with her about their struggles and challenges. Women wanting to be baptized. And women growing in their knowledge of Christ and desiring an intimate relationship with Christ. In her time here God has greatly used her. He has showered blessings on the women of Haiti and drawn them to Him. Please continue to pray for the fruitfulness of her teaching.

The following week we have a team coming from Anacortes. So prayer for all of the traveling of different teams and individuals would be greatly appreciated.

We are so excited this weekend. Saturday there are four couples who are new Christians, that will be getting married. All of them have children together. Before coming to know Christ they did not understand why they should be married, each of them is choosing to make their living situation right. Please pray for them as they are married on Saturday. 

We are also very excited for Sunday. We will be having church in Pass Rien. It will be a gathering of all 5 Good Shepherd Churches, the name Pastor Nathan choose for our ministry in Haiti. At the end of the church service we will be baptizing about 70 to 80 people. God has been so compassionate and merciful. It should be an amazing day. Please pray for good weather and that God will continue to draw hearts. Please pray that all who want to be baptized will be able to come. Prayer is so important, it is a HUGE part of the revival in Pass Rien. We are SO thankful for for prayers. 

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