Sunday, July 1, 2012


We wanted to send out a note thanking and acknowledging Randy Anderson, a teacher from Lynden High School, and his group of four boys. Randy along with Jalani, Jake, Ben and Lucas researched, designed, and built an incinerator for the orphanage. In Haiti garbage is dropped and thrown everywhere. We are trying to teach and encourage the children in the orphanage to properly dispose of garbage. There is no garbage pickup, and no recycling available other then old fashioned pop bottle returns, so short of what they can compost or feed to the goats, the rest of the garbage needs to be taken care of in a responsible manner. This incinerator burns at a higher tempeture and is safer for the enviroment and the community. We will be sending the incinerator in the next container. We really appreciate all the hard work this group has put into this project.



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