Sunday, July 15, 2012


The team had a great day today. They started the day out with Mike teaching and the team performing their skit in church. Nathan did not feel well, so he had another pastor teach in Marotte, and he stayed with Mike and the team and was Mike's interpreter. The message was about being born again and renewing your life for God. He said about 30 people came forward for prayer after the service. Yeah!  After church the team did crafts with the children and some of the women staff members. They also enjoyed time swimming in the river with the children. Later Nathan went to Marotte for the evening service, which is the first night of an 8 night revival. There were 6 people who came to the Lord. The team went to Poteau and again Mike taught  on being born again and the team performed their skit. Mike said there were 6 salvation's that he knew of, and about 40 came forward for prayer. God really met them. Thank you so much for your prayers. While the team was in Poteau, a family brought a lady to them, who was being restrained by 4 people. They said that she had always had some trouble with her mind, but she had gotten worse over the last 6 years. They said she had to be restrained constantly. They wanted prayer for her, Mike told them if they wanted prayer for her they needed to let her go and stand there on her own accord. They said she would run. Mike said let her go anyway, so they did. She stood there very agitated and would not make eye contact, but she did not run. They started praying and after about 30 mins. she settled down and would have eye contact with Mike. A little while later she had a slow tiny smile. He explained to her that God had a free gift of eternal life for her and to open her hands and receive it. She did and started smiling. The rest of the evening she walked around smiling, very settled and peaceful. Mike said she seemed to be set free, although her mind didn't seem to be completely healed. Mike said she had been severely abused and raped over her life time. Please pray for continued healing and grace for her. The team also passed out dresses to a lot of the girls in the community of Poteau. A huge blessing to the children.

Tomorrow will be the Pastor's conference from 9:00 until 1:00. Please pray for Mike as he teaches. Then the team will travel to Pass Rien. They will be putting on a community outreach day. They will be cooking, serving, preaching, worshiping, performing their skit and passing out more dresses to the girls in Pass Rein. The Madame, who is the witch doctor will most likely be there. Please pray for her heart to be moved by the Spirit of God and that the community will feel the love of God as the team reaches out to them. Thank you so much for reaching out to the people of Haiti in prayer with us.



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