Friday, July 13, 2012


Most of the team is doing well. Mike's back has been hurting today, as well as his stomach. I have felt like the last couple of nights the enemy has been especially hard at work. Please pray for God's peace and protection. Mike said the team did an amazing job painting. They painted the front of building #1 and the front of building #2 also. This includes all of the porches and coverings too. The team climbed the mountain this evening and spent some time praying.

Tomorrow the team will paint the kitchen, which needs it the most. They will not be out in the heat, but they will be indoors, which can be hot and stuffy. Please continue to pray for them. Also, all of the pastors in our association and their worship leaders will be coming to Marose for a worship conference tomorrow. Jim Glynn and his team will be teaching on worship. Jim has taught on worship for us in the past. He has helped to translate 100's of worship songs into Haitian Creole. Not only the lyrics, but also some of the differences in chords and beats. It should be a very powerful time. I believe Mitch, (pastor of the church the July team is from) and Nathan and Mike will also be teaching tomorrow. Please pray that God will be speaking through each of them and that they are able to impart God's heart for worship. Also please pray as each pastor and worship leader try to impart what they learn to their people Sunday morning.



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