Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sorry this is going out so late. I am out of town and have finally been able to get a wi-fi connection. Hopefully some of you will get this e-mail before you have your quiet time with God in the morning or before you leave for work. I was able to talk with Mike tonight, the team had a great day. Mike met with the man who is the broker for the goats again. He is still working on getting all the goats we have asked for, he thinks the communities are ready to move forward and care for the goats. So I guess now the goal is delivery by the September trip. We are trying to get chickens also and he says he can get the chickens as well. Everything seems to take so long in Haiti. But I guess God knew all along when the people would receive the goats. We will get photos for everyone to see, both of the goats and the chickens. The team was able to bring quite a few boxes of medical supplies to Jubilee. Jubilee also shared some of them with the hospital in Gonaives, which turned out to be a good thing, they have offered to properly dispose of medical items, like sharps and expired items for us. In Haiti you have to be very careful how you dispose of things, people scour the garbage for their very existence. The team was not able to help prepare food for the children after all, but they were able to visit Jubilee for a while. The team also passed out more dresses and candy. Afterwords they went downtown and to the market in Gonaives. In the afternoon 1/2 of the team helped Neil take soil samples and measure the river. Mike was able to meet with one of our teachers from Marose, his sponsor donated enough to buy him a bicycle for transportation. Mike said the teacher was thrilled and so excited. It is so fun to be able to bless the people, they are so appreciative. In the evening Nathan went to the crusade in Gonaives again, he said it was very good. The team stayed at the orphanage and spent their last night in Haiti with the children. They laid hands on all of the children and prayed for them. The children then laid hands on the team members and prayed for them. The team will leave for Port-au-Prince around 9:30 in the morning. Please pray for both the team and the children, as good byes are always so hard. Please pray for safe travel and on time connections also.Thank you so much. 

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