Saturday, July 14, 2012


Thanks so much for your prayers today. It was about 107 degrees in Haiti today.The team is doing great. Mike is feeling better. Your prayers made a lot of difference. The worship conference went really well, there were a lot of young people who also attended, and Jim felt like they were engaged and attentive. The team shared a skit they had prepared, it was well received. They will perform their skit again tomorrow at church. Part of the team also painted the kitchen today, and the other 1/2 of the team cleaned and organized the medical clinic some more. Darlene one of the team members, is painting a mural of the Good Shepherd (the name of our ministry in Haiti). She is painting it on the outside of the office wall, which is the wall you see as you come up the hill to the orphanage. It is 6 feet by 6 feet. Mike says Darlene is very skilled and it is looking great so far. The team spent time playing games with the children in the evening and passing out some of the sponsor gifts. They also had devotions, which Mike said have been really good this trip.

Tomorrow the team will stay in Marose for church, Mike will preach,Tom and his group will be doing worship and the team will do their skit. Nathan will be preaching in Gonaives. Please pray for all of them as they share with the communities. In the afternoon they will be doing crafts with the children. In the evening Mike will be preaching in Poteau and then the team will perform their skit again. Please pray for God to prepare peoples hearts. Thanks again.



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