Tuesday, July 17, 2012

news, a bit of our heart and tomorrows prayer needs


This morning the team and some of the children, planted 150 trees and built wire cages around them to protect them from the goats. Most of the trees were planted on the mountain behind the orphanage. A few were planted in the orphanage. They also hauled 5 gallon buckets of water by hand up to the trees. Mike said the meeting with the school directors went well. They would like to open a school in Poteau, but Mike has told them it depends on whether we are able to get all of the school children sponsored out first.  Some of you have asked the name of the little girl who was burned badly. Mike said her name is Danika. Please continue to pray for her. He will try to find out how she is doing tomorrow. This evening the team went to the crusade in Marotte, and it was wonderful. Nathan lead worship and it was so good that it lasted about an hour. The Haitian Christian's love to worship with all of their heart, mind, body and soul. It is wonderful worshiping with them. The team performed their skit one more time and then Mitch gave the message. About 40 people came forward for prayer for various reasons. They passed out about 50 dresses to the girls and they gave out about 50 t-shirts from our church, along with candy for the children.

Mike has felt called to teach mostly on love, acceptance and forgiveness the last few trips. Most of the church in Haiti is very rule and legalism oriented. He feels like God has been prompting him to help the Haitian people grasp mercy and grace a little more. When we are changing our perspectives on life, sometimes it is hard to put into action what we have learned in our minds. Sometimes the enemy causes hurt and pain in areas, which causes us to question what and why we believe what we say we do. I believe God uses those times to take us deeper in our faith and cause our roots to grow in Him. Those times challenge us and present a crossroads which in some cases will affect our lives not only here, but for eternity. A very horrific thing happened to a family in one of our churches in Haiti. They are a good Christian family and are dealing with all the questions in their minds now. How do you walk out love, acceptance and forgiveness? Do you turn the offending person into the authorities? They asked if Mike would spend time talking to them and praying with them. Mike explained that in God's word it says to follow the laws of the land, which this person broke. But, God also calls us to forgive those who hurt us. Sometimes forgiveness takes time. Do we believe God will take care of it? Mike spent some time with them, and obviously shared more than I am sharing here. We are far from thinking we know all the answers. I am just trying to share a little bit of what we come across and ask for your prayers for wisdom and discernment as we try to help people understand and walk out their faith. Please especially pray for this family for healing, comfort, wisdom, peace and the ability to forgive. Please pray for God's justice. And please continue to pray for us, for leading and direction as we continue to reach out and love the people of Haiti. Thank you so much.

Usually each team gets to come alongside and help serve food to the poorest of the poor in Jubilee, a section of Gonaives. Tomorrow the team will not only be serving the poorest of the poor in Gonavies, they will also get the privileage of helping to prepare the food. Please pray for the team as they minister in Jubilee. They will also be taking some suitcases of medical supplies.  In the afternoon, Neil will be heading up a group to take measurements of the river. He will be trying to figure out if irrigation from the river is possible up as high as we are. We would like to be able to get another crop season in. So the team has a full day tomorrow. Thank you again for all of your prayers, it is what makes all of this possible.



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