Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Just a quick note to let you know the team made it up to the orphanage. Haiti decided to put a last minute box embargo on flights into Haiti, which caused a lot of problems. We always check ahead of time for this, but evidently it was put on after we checked. This meant we had to buy duffel bags from the airline and were only able to take 12 out of 24 bins. The Rubbermaid totes we use for carrying supplies to the orphanage count as boxes. They had a delayed flight out of Seattle last night also, which added to the difficulties. But all is well now. Tomorrow the team will be unpacking. Neil and Mike will be working on the generator, as it is not working at present and is the only power source. Please pray for a quick fix. :) Thank you.



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  1. A prayer for our team: Thank you Lord for touching the heart of every member of this team, convicting them to share your love to the children of Haiti. May the Holy Spirit work through them in ways they could not have imagined. And finally, may they discover a closer and deeper level of relationship that you want with each of them. Keep them safe, Oh Lord! Thank you! - Chilly