Thursday, May 24, 2012


I just got back from an awesome worship night at Catalyst. They played longer then they normally do. We had the privilege of worshiping for three and a half hours. It was wonderful.

This morning in Haiti, the team did a prayer walk over and around the orphanage and over each room before they said their good byes to the children and the staff. They also had a wonderful meal at Nathan's, prepared by his wife. The team is spending the night at the Bercy mission. They will finish traveling to the Port-au-Prince airport in the morning to fly out. They should arrive in the Seattle airport around 10:30 PM. Putting most of them home by 1:00 AM Saturday morning. Gary will be traveling home to Canada, so he will be arriving home even later. Please pray for traveling safety and on time flights and connections. Also please lift the children and Steph up in prayer. It is hard for the children to see the team leave, and it will be especially hard for them having Steph leave after being there for 2 1/2 months. It will also be hard for Steph leaving the children. Truth be told it is really hard on Nathan when we leave also, he gets pretty sad on the trip to Port-au-Prince. So, thank you for all of your prayers this trip.



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