Monday, May 21, 2012

Microfinancing, goats and healings oh my!!!


Thank you for your prayers today. Andy had his microfinance and savings & loan class today. The class got off to a slow start due to miscommunication on the time it started. But once everyone arrived it went really well. There were about 50 people that attended. After Andy taught, he opened the class up for questions and answers. He said the questions were very intelligent and showed they understood what he was teaching and just needed clarification. He video taped the session so that it can be used again in Haiti or elsewhere when Andy teaches. The people  attending asked if he could teach longer today because some of them had to go to market tomorrow. The nearest market is in Poteau, which is about 25 mins. away by car,  probably about the distance between Lynden and downtown Bellingham for those of you that know Whatcom county. A long walk carrying goods to sell. Hopefully our Market in Marose will be up and running soon. So because of market day, Andy taught longer today and will teach longer on Wednesday, so that he can fit three days of teaching into 2 days.  Becca also taught the women again today, which went well. This afternoon the goat seminar was held. There were families from 4 out of 5 of our churches. They were taught about the care of goats and the value of using them as an investment. The man who taught the seminar has also agreed to supervise the goat program. Mike shared the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:1-30. He then explained that the goats would be given out in a similar fashion to the talents. Families would be given either 2, 5, or 10 goats.They were given applications to fill out with information, like names, etc. They also are asked to show proof that they can feed and water the goats and provide a safe place for them. And they have been asked to provide a personal reference. The supervisor will visit the families and make sure that the goats are being cared for. If they are not, the goats will be given to others who will care for them. The supervisor can also provide veterinary care if necessary. They explained to the families that the goats are to be cared for and that the 2nd and 3rd generation of goats they can sell, eat, etc. The purpose being that they will multiply and then be able to help other families. We want the goats to be a hand up instead of a hand out. Just like the microfinance and savings & loan program. Our dream is to help the village become self sustaining and develop into a thriving community. Thank you so much for coming along side of us and the people of Haiti, your prayers and support are making a difference. In the evening Nathan asked Mike if he would go with him to pray for a younger cousin. The boy was in his twenties and was going to be taken to the hospital, because he was having acute pain in his stomach. They prayed for him for 45 mins. to an hour and then worshiped over him. When they were done the boy said he felt fine and had some water and ate. He felt totally healed. PRAISE GOD!!!

Tomorrow the team will go visit our school and community in Perou. They will also spend some time visiting  and praying with Wadner and his mother Yolin. Please pray for safe travel and that they are able to reach out to the people in Perou.



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