Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello again,

The team had another great day. Mike taught the Pastor's from 9:30 til about 1:00. He said it went great. Becca also started teaching the women again from 9:30 til about 1:30. This was supposed to be her last day teaching them, but they asked if she would teach them again on Monday. She said she would, but that they would have to bring their own food, up to this point we had been serving them lunch, and also breakfast to the ones who stayed over night. They said they did not care, they just wanted to keep learning how to study the bible for themselves and know more about God. Praise God !!!!!!  He is so awesome! Thanks to all of you who have been faithfully praying for Becca and the women. God has answered your prayers. Mike also spent time talking with the older girls in the orphanage today. He told them that they can grow up and do anything. He encouraged them to keep doing their best in school. He encouraged them to not get involved with boys and make poor choices. He talked about how marriage should be a relationship that supports you in becoming who you were created to be and encourages you to use your skills and talents. He talked about not settling for less. This evening the team had devotions and worship time with the children. Gary played the guitar and they spent time singing together. The children LOVE to sing. Our daughter Becca's 7 year old son Felice, is with the team, I asked Mike how he was doing and Mike said he has been going 100 miles an hour with the other children. There is a big hill of gravel in the orphanage, because we are trying to finish the 3rd building and the kids have been playing king of the hill on it. It is amazing how well children can communicate with little language. He has been learning some language, but is still limited in communicating with them. Mike said the children love him because he is such a novelty, they see white or blanc adults when teams come, but not little kids like them. They also think his name is funny, so all day long you hear Felice, Felice. I guess he loves it. Adam and Darrell went into town today and got supplies for making tables for the laundry room. So that will be one of the next projects. Tonight was the last evening of an 8 night crusade. The team did not go tonight, but Nathan did. He gave an altar call after he preached and there were another 15 salvation's. God is so merciful !!!

Tomorrow morning Nathan will be preaching in Gonaives and Mike will be preaching in Marose. Please be praying for both of them, that what they teach is from God. After church people from our village in Perou, Marotte (Gonaive) and Marose will go to Marotte to be baptized in the river. Mike said he believes about 20 are wanting to be baptized. The team will then go to our newest church in Poteau for the evening. Either Mike or Nathan will be preaching, I forgot to ask which one, so please pray for who ever will be teaching, God knows who it will be. There is a chance that each of the team members will be asked to share a bit also. So remember to lift them up in prayer too. And thank you so very much for your prayers. This ministry depends on your prayers.


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