Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank you so much for praying. Your prayers made a huge difference today. Becca started teaching again this morning and the women had a huge breakthrough. They got it and started getting excited. Later when Becca asked if they were getting tired and overloaded with information, they said no and told her to keep going and not stop. They were having so much fun discovering for themselves. God is sooooo good. Thank you sooooo much for praying.

The guys on the team spent the day building shelves for the storage depot. Mike said they did an awesome job and built tons of shelves. Gary also hung a huge projector screen donated to us by Alpha Tech in the dinning hall. This will be used for teaching the pastors and also possibly as a weekly movie night for the children. The crusade went well tonight, worship was really good. Mike spoke and Nathan gave an altar call. There were 11 salvation's, and another 25 came forward for more in depth prayer. Again thank you, your prayers make all the difference.

Tomorrow morning Becca will be teaching the women again. She will start about 9:00 and go til about 12:30 pm. The pastor's conference will also be going on. Mike will be teaching the pastor's from about 9:00 until 1:00 pm. So please pray for both the women's inductive bible study and the pastor's conference. The team will also climb up the mountain tomorrow. Thank you for partnering with us.



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