Sunday, May 20, 2012


I talked with the team again tonight. They had church in the morning and baptisms in the afternoon. The river was to low to baptize in, so they needed to find another place. One lady in the group knew about an irrigation house and knew the owner, so they were able to use the irrigation house for the baptisms. The team also prayed for a man  who lived in Marose. They were told that he was crazy. His daughter was Christian, and there did not seem to be a wife. The team prayed over the man, the house and family. After the baptisms Nathan went to check on him again and the daughter said that he was a completely different person, that he was helping around the house and doing things he had not done in years. The team did not make it to Poteau tonight, it started raining and when it rains in Haiti no one shows up for things (probably because they have to walk in the rain to get there) so even if the team went, most likely no one else would have. They had fun playing in the rain with the children instead.

Tomorrow Becca will teach the women again. Her husband Andy will be starting a 3 day class on Microfinancing, and savings and loans. This is something that he has a passion for and has already started in Kenya. He will be teaching a group of potential business people in Marose. We are  also hoping to start a market that will help the economy of the village and help the orphanage become self sustaining in the future. Tomorrow we will also be having a seminar on Goat husbandry, to help the families receiving goats be successful. And the guys will be working on building the laundry room tables tomorrow. Please continue to lift the team up in prayer, and thank you again for praying.



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