Friday, January 20, 2012

January 19

We had a great day today. Thank you for all of your prayers.The team is loving it here. We spent a lot of time with the children today. We sang to them and they sang back. We played a lot of games, and learned a bit more Creole. We passed out Superfeet sandals to our women workers. Then we passed them out to other women in the community, and to the older orphanage girls and to a few boys. The team also spent time organizing the all the bins we brought down. We went to visit another orphanage on the other side of the river today. They have 62 children, in a facility way smaller than ours. We passed out candy, prayed for them, and played a little with them. We will share some of the food in the container with them when we get it. We have 3 new little boys. So we are up to 62 children also. This evening we had the chance to spend some intense time praying over 8 different children individually. These are children that we know some of the history of and knew they needed some healing prayer. Please pray for them and that God will protect and seal what He has done. Each child was so peaceful after they were prayed for.
Tomorrow we will spend most of the day at the orphanage again. Nathan will be going to Port-au-Prince to get the final paperwork on our container. I had thought we had it at the orphanage. But I was mistaken. So please pray for safe travel for him and that the paperwork is approved, so that we can bring the container here while the team is here to organize and unload it. Again thanks so much for your prayers, we appreciate them.

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