Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank you again for praying. We really appreciate the prayers. They really do make all the difference. This morning Nathan preached in Gonaives. Part of the team went with him. Mike preached in Marose and part of the team stayed with him. All of the team members shared a little bit. In Gonaives about 20 people came forward for prayer this morning, for salvation, re dedications or healing. About 20 came forward in Marose also. Melissa and Laura played and sang a worship song in Marose during the morning service. After church we painted the girls finger and toe nails, with bright sparkly colors. They were thrilled. Then the girls did both Kathy's hair and mine. They had already done Mac's last night. Somehow we do not look as attractive as the Haitians do in multiple small braids. Some of us even had colorful barrettes added to our braids. It was a lot of fun :)  In the afternoon we all went back to Gonaives for baptisms. Eleven people were baptised in the river. It was pretty cool. After the baptism we went back to the church and school grounds where we waited for evening church to start. Kathy Dickenson and I some how ended up in some games with a bunch of 4 to 6 years olds. The games were kind of like tag and ring around the rosey mixed together. Another game was like red rover, red rover, except in a circle instead of lines. We were the blanc's (which means white's) in the middle when they tagged or chose us. We did not quite know the rules but they pointed or pulled to show us. It was a lot of fun. I had the honor of sitting with them in church. One little girl in particular showed me when and how to raise my hands, and she told me when to stand up and when to sit down and when to pray. During worship she was so cute, she looked like a mini worship leader. I prayed for her after the service, I believe she has the gift of worship on her. During the night service all of the team shared a scripture or a story. There was a common thread through all that was shared without any of us letting the others know what we were going to share. Definitely the Holy Spirit working. Mike taught in the evening church. At the end another 15 or so people came forward for prayer. God is so good.
Tomorrow in the morning we will be going to Peru to visit our school. Please pray for safe travel. In the afternoon the guys will be laying tile. The women will be hosting a women's conference. We will be sharing testimonies, stories, teaching from the bible and teaching about nutrition, playing music, singing and praying. We will also be teaching them how to make a bracelet, so that they will have something to take home with them. Please pray for us as we will be stretched beyond our comfort zones, but we want to bless the women and walk in obedience to what we have been asked to do. It is not an accident that we have more women on this team than men. God knew what he had prepared for us to do.Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying for us.

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