Saturday, January 28, 2012

We have arrived home safely. Thank you very much for your prayers. It is good to be home, but soooo hard to be gone from Haiti. We had a great, productive and powerful trip. We could feel the prayers that were said for us. We really appreciated them.
Please continue to pray for Melissa, as she will be staying in the orphanage until the March team goes to Haiti to pick her up. The team helped her to move her things into the oldest girls room and get settled in before we left. The girls are very excited to have her stay, as is the whole community. Pastor Nathaniel introduced her to the whole church on Sunday and announced that she would be staying for 2 months. They all clapped and cheered.
When we went up to Peru, one of the things we wanted to do was clear up the mystery of Yolin's name. When we first prayed for him last January, I had asked what his name was and was told that it was Yolin. But this fall the mother had made a comment saying that was what the white people called him. So we made a point of trying to clear up confusion regarding his name. We found out that his mother's name is Yolin, and that is where the confusion started. We also found out that his name is Wahder. So from now on I will be calling him Wahder when asking for prayer for him. He seems to get just a bit better each time we see him. He has an incredible Christian mother, whom we also prayed for. Such a privilege!
I would like to share a little more of the story of what went on at Pass Rien. Hopefully it will encourage insight and prayer. When we had finished praying for the land the voodoo camp was on, which is very near to the property we are trying to obtain, we then met with the Madame (the witch doctor) to talk about the land. A man had called us earlier and had said he was going to sell us the land. This man turned out to be her son. She is trying every way she can to negotiate selling the property to us, instead of giving it to us for free like she had promised. By now, it had become pretty clear to Mike that as far as God was concerned it was not about the property. So Mike asked her if he could share a story with her from the bible. She said yes and allowed Mike to proceed. This is what he said to her in his words. "I told her of a great king, a Pharaoh of Egypt where Gods people worked. God sent people to this great king to ask if he would let the people go free to worship Him. The king refused, because he wanted the control, he wanted to remain as king. Several times the men went to the king, each time they asked if he would let the people go free to worship God. Each time the king refused or had some excuse not to let the people go. Eventually God took care of the king so that His people would be free to worship Him. At hearing this story the Madame got very defensive and said we needed to negotiate for the price of the land. But I said that God wanted more than just the land. He wanted her heart as well. She kept saying that she wanted to negotiate for the price of the land and I just said that that was not what God wants us to do yet." She got very upset and walked off. The team then got together with some of the Haitians who were there and prayed for the situation. The conclusion they came to was that it was not about the property, but about her heart. They also felt like God was saying we needed to have many pray hard and seriously. We also felt like God said it would take more visits and time. So I am writing to ask if you would like to commit to praying seriously for the Madame's heart. That she would come to know Jesus and have a very real personal relationship with Jesus. We feel that this is key to what God wants. We also believe it is key to many more people in the community giving their lives to God. We also believe the land is a secondary issue and will work itself out according to God's will. We are not against paying something for the land, if and when we think God is asking us to. But for now we believe the Madame's heart is the more important issue. Please join us in praying for her. And again thank you so very much for your prayers during our trip.

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