Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today was a very full day, thank you for your prayers. We appreciate them very much. The men worked on grouting tile today. Kathy and I held another sewing machine class. I believe the three people we taught are able to use the electric machines, trouble shoot and maintain them. thanks so much for praying for us.
The women in the group pampered the women workers in the orphanage today. We scrubed, lotioned and polished their feet and hands. It was very good to be able to serve them as they are such hard workers. Later the men went to Gonaives to hold the men's conference. They said there were a lot of young men that came and it was very good. We then organized both the food and storage depot and gave out clothing. The crazy part today was deciding to change all of the children's room's around. This would be like arranging every room in your house with 62 young excited helpers. Crazy, wild is an understatement. The team was so helpful in this. We could not have done it otherwise. The interpeter had gone home. So a lot of charades were in order. The women started the project before the men on the team were back from Gonaives. It was very fun though. And now the newest children have both bins and beds to sleep in. And the number of children per room is a little more even. After that we had treats (peanut butter Rice Krispie bars) with the children. They sang and had devotions and so did the team. It was a very busy day, but a good one with a lot of interaction with the children and staff at the orphanage.
Tomorrow may prove to be even fuller. In the morning will be having the women's conference in Marose. So all of the women on the team will be sharing again. Please pray for each of us and for the women of Marose. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be present and that we will be an encouragement to them. Hopefully we will also be going to Emory's in Gonaives, to feed the poorest of the poor. Again please pray, as this can be very hard for the team. Then we are going to try to fit in a trip to Pass Rien. We would like to pray over the land and for the madame who is the witch doctor. She has told us she is ready to sign the land over, but we have yet to see anything in writing. But she has been the initiator this time around. We also would like to fit in some teaching of brushing teeth and hand washing skills for the children. So we will be waiting on God to see what he would have us doing. And once again thank you so very much for your prayers, they make such a difference.

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