Friday, January 20, 2012

Another great day in Haiti. Sorry to all of you that have 2 to 3 feet of snow back at home. It is nice and warm here. Nathan's trip to Port-au-Prince was mostly successful. They want him to turn in one more piece of paperwork for the container in Saint Marc (which is somewhat closer). Please pray we can get the container up to the orphanage before we leave. We would like to be able to help unload and organize it. We passed out sponsor gifts for the children today. It is such a blessing to see their faces light up as they receive a gift from their sponsor. The team also did crafts with the children today. It is fun to do, but it can get pretty wild with 62 children :) We had a special treat today. We were able to visit one of our workers named Elemen, who is off work right now because she had a baby near the end of November. Mike and the team saw the baby when she was a day old, on the November trip. Mike has been asked to be the Godfather. Today we were able to spend time with her and hold her. I will post a photo when I can, so far I am still using a laptop in the office and it does not have a way to download my photos. The baby has a bit of a cough, please remember to pray for her.
Tomorrow in the morning we will have the Pastors association meeting. We will all share an encouraging word and then Mike will teach. Please pray for Mike as he teaches, and for the Pastors as they travel here and that the teaching will be encouraging and what God wants for them. In the afternoon the guys will be building another stove. The cooks want one that is able to hold much larger pots so the guys will be building them one tomorrow using some parts we brought and a framework they will build from here. Also please pray for Kathy Dickenson (there are two Kathys) and I  tomorrow afternoon. We will be teaching how to use and maintain electric sewing machines to three people. They have been sewing and teaching sewing on treadles up until now. After we teach them, they will be teaching others. Exciting, but we need to do a thorough job, because they will be on their own after we leave. Thank you so much for all of your prayers, we really appreciate them.

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