Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello again,
Today was a very full day. Thank you for praying for us, we would not have been able to accomplish what we did without prayer. We started the morning with a women's conference in Marose. Once again it was very rewarding, God is so good. The women were very blessed.
Later we went to Emory's to help feed the children. It is hard for the team to see poverty for 8 days and then go to Emory's and see even worse poverty. We held children and saw what his ministry is up to. We then went to his home for lunch and shared experiences with a team he had visiting. It is refreshing to meet with people who share the same heart for Haiti. In the late afternoon we went to Pass Rien. We met on the land we would like to build our church on. We then went to the area of the voodoo camp. We claimed the area for Christ. We sang songs and prayed over the area. We drove a stake into the ground and Mac even climbed up to one of the Mapoo(sp?) trees they worship under and took one of the voodoo flags down. We had a very powerful prayer time. We were able to meet with the Madame, who is the witch doctor, but we do not have the property yet. But most of the team believes the battle is won, it is just a matter of God's timing. Please continue to pray for her heart, and protection for and faith of the community. We also spent time praying on the land we would like to plant the church on. Community members are meeting there on the land as a church. We do have one more of the military type tents we would like to put there for a church and school, once we own the land.
Tomorrow the team will go to yet another conference across the river. Then we will get Melissa settled in. She will be staying in the orphanage for two months, until the March team goes to Haiti. She will come back with them. Please pray for her as she will be adjusting to a new language and a new culture. The rest of the team will then be traveling to Port-au-Prince.
We will be attending part of a conference on starting small business in Haiti. Which will help us a we get nearer to starting a market. Please pray for safe travel and and every ones hearts as the get ready to leave the children. Tomorrow I will probably not be able to write. So please also remember to pray for us Friday as the team travels and flies home. We will arrive home very late Friday night, early Saturday morning. Thank you sooooooo very much for all of your prayers during this trip.

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