Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank you for your prayers today. We could feel the prayers. We had a great day. We started out the morning in Peru. We visited the school and passed out candy and took photos. We also visited Yolin, the crippled boy. We brought food and gifts for him and his family. He still breaks out in a huge smile when we blow bubbles for him. We spent time praying for him and his mother also. She is a very special women. We came back to the orphanage and played with the children some. The guys had our welder make a basketball hoop for the children and put it up. So basket ball and soccer games were played for the rest of the day. The guys also cut the tile for the counters in the boys bathrooms. The women went to Gonaives to hold our women's conference. It went very well. We each shared something. Stories, scriptures, teaching, music and singing. Some of what we shared brought tears to both the team and the women we were teaching. One women was so moved that she asked if she could pray for one of our team members after they shared. Some of the things we shared had everyone laughing so hard we were crying. Our translator had an incredible sense of humor. He was such a good sport and added much to the laughter as everyone thought it was funny to see a Haitian man talk about some of the things we shared. We helped every women to make a bracelet and then we ended with praying for the women. They were so blessed that they all sang over us and prayed for us. It was awesome. Everyone did great, the Holy Spirit was obviously present. When we arrived back at the orphanage this evening we had a worship and prayer time with the children. Then we brought out glow sticks. The turns into a chasing game, as the older girls usually end up with most of the glow sticks and with team members trying to get the glow sticks back for the littler children.
Tomorrow Kathy and I will teach sewing again, while the men run into town. Then we will go up to Pass Rien for a visit. In the afternoon the guys will be teaching the men in the church at Gonaives. The women will be making peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treats for the orphanage. Please pray for our travel and visit to Pass Rien and for teaching both the sewing and the men's conference.

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