Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today was great. Thank you sooooo much for all of your prayers. We started out with a team visiting us from Colorado. We met them at the orphanage we visited earlier in the week. Then around 10 in the morning we held the Pastor's association conference. Each of us shared a short encouragement with the pastors. Then Mike shared two messages. The pastors said they were both encouraged and blessed. Next Kathy and I taught the sewing machine class. It went really well. We taught two women and a man. They were excited, and we had fun. We only were able to teach about 2/3 of what we wanted to, in the 2 1/2 hours we had. So we will be teaching them again next Monday morning. We helped all of the orphanage children write thank you notes for their sponsors today. It was amazing watching a few of the older boys consistently helping the little boys write their notes. They were so encouraging and patient with them. In the early evening we climbed our mountain to the cross and had a devotional. The devotional was on perspective, which is very relevant from up on the mountain looking down in the valley of Marose. We finished off the day with home baked bread, which Phil made in the kitchen today. It was great, everyone enjoyed it. Pretty amazing given the conditions he was working with.
Tomorrow Nathan will be preaching in Gonaives. Some of the team will be going to Gonaives with Nathan. Mike will be preaching in Marose, so the other 1/2 of the team will stay here to pray for people.  Please pray for both Nathan and Mike as the teach. Please pray that the Holy Spirit moves. In the afternoon we will be going to see people in Gonaives be baptised. This is always fun to be a part of. Nathan has a new accordion from friends in Canada. Which he has enjoyed playing very much. He will most likely play it in the band as we walk to the water for the baptisms. Please pray for the people being baptised and for those who join us as we walk along. It is a pretty big witness to the rest of the community.

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