Friday, July 22, 2011

July 21, 2011

Hello again,

The team had a very good prayer time up on the mountain by the cross this morning. They spent time praying for Haiti and the valley of Marose.

Today Mike met with our Good Shepherd Pastors. They are part of the pastors association, but Mike and Nathan also spend additional time with them as they are also a part of our ministry. Mike and Nathan have hired a new pastor for Pass Rien. He is someone Nathan knows and Mike has met several times. He was at the Pastor's conference in May.

We have some exciting news. Mike and Nathan have found a new location for the school and church in Gonaives. And they have signed a lease on it. The property has walls around 3 sides of it and a gate. There is a banana grove along the 4th side. There are a few small buildings on the property, all of them exposed cinder block. One has the ability to have 4 class rooms and the second building will have 2 class rooms. The third building is in two sections, it is finished on one side and has a foundation on the other side. The finished side will hold a small church. There is a bathroom (which is huge in Haiti). The buildings have bars on the windows and doors so it can be locked up and secured. There is even space for a play area for the children, which is even harder to find in the city. Mike said there are two huge Mango trees on the property also. Mike said the original owner died two years ago, so it looks like a ghost town. Our Gonaives pastor Praviel, has been working on cleaning the grounds up with a machete. It has a lot of potential and is only 4 blocks away from where he lives. So everyone involved is excited.

The team had a project with the children while they were in Haiti, challenging each child to be a bucket filler (be kind, share, helpful, ect.) and not to be a bucket dipper (by being mean, hitting someone, ect.). The winners were to get soccer jerseys. Something every one would want. Well since today was the last day with the children, they had them all come together and they passed out the soccer Jersey's and EVERYONE was given one. Then they had soccer tournaments. They started with the youngest and worked their way up to the oldest. Mike said the whole staff joined in, even one of our keepers who everyone calls Grandma. Mike said it was cute to see her out on the field running after the ball. The men on our team lost to the oldest boys in the orphanage. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

The team had to say their goodbyes to the children tonight as they will be up and getting ready around 3:00 AM to travel to Port-au- Prince tomorrow. Please remember to pray for safe travel, and for a good meeting and signing of the I600 adoption paperwork at the embassy. Please also remember to lift up Caitlin and the girls she was taking care of, for their emotions and so it does not add to their past rejections.
The team flies into Seattle tomorrow just before midnight, please pray for on time connections, safe flights, and safe drives home. Thank you all so very much for your prayers.



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