Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today the team spent the morning finishing up some more projects. They organized the storage depot, built 3 desks for the office and helped to organize it. The office is in the front of the building as you go up the hill toward the orphanage. Those in the office will be able to see everyone coming up to the orphanage. The team also made books for the children. They taped the Creole words over the English ones so that the children can read and understand them.

The team traveled to Peru today. It is about 45 mins. to 1 hour away from Marose, up in the mountains. Mike said it was raining when they arrived in Peru, they passed out candy to the children and had a sharing and prayer time with our Pastor in Peru. The team also put together a package for Yolin and his family. Yolin is a special boy that we feel called to reach out to and support. He is crippled and has been partially healed. We are believing that someday he will walk. Mike said Yolin was very excited to see the team. They talked with Yolin and his siblings for a while and then prayed for him. Some of his siblings went to get his mother and then they talked with her and prayed for her and the whole family. There are 5 children and no father. They took photos of the whole family also. We will try to take an 8x10 back to them on the next trip. Mike said that Patty was sitting next to Yolin and opened a bottle of bubbles from his package. She started blowing them and Mike said Yolin started laughing. He had never seen bubbles before. The more she blew, the harder he laughed, Mike said it was a throw your head back kind of laugh. After awhile he had his sister blowing bubbles for him and then he blew bubbles. Mike said it was a joy to watch him so happy. They spent quite a bit of time with him talking and blowing bubbles. Please remember to pray for him.

When the team got back to the orphanage they went swimming in the river with the children again. Then they spent time with the children dancing and singing for a couple of hours. The children absolutely love to sing. Mike was able to have another pre-marital counseling meeting with Jonas and Nadine. After the kids went to bed, the team spent time praying. They prayed for Adam since it was his birthday today. They also prayed for Caitlin as she is trying to deal with her emotions, wanting to go home and wanting to stay with her girls. The girls all call her mama Caitlin. She has been doing things with the team, but still living in her room with her girls. Please lift Caitlin and the girls up as they will all have a hard time emotionally saying goodbye.

Tomorrow the team will climb the mountain to our cross and spend some time praying for Haiti.Then they will do one more project with the children. They will also do some maintenance work on things like the generator. The team will have to say good bye to the children tomorrow night as the team needs to be up and on their way traveling to Port-au-Prince by 3:00 AM. They have a very early appointment at the US Embassy to finally sign the I600 for adoption. Please pray that they are able to sign this time.
Pray also for safe travel and for being on time for the meeting at the Embassy. Pray that they are able to arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Thanks so much.



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