Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello again,

I talked with Mike. Nathan went to the crusade in Pass Rien tonight. Nathan said that another 17 people accepted the Lord into their hearts. I believe that is 80 plus salvation's during the crusade. God is so faithful. Nathan and Mike were also told more of the story about the women who owns the property that the crusade has been held on. It seems to be the only available piece of property to meet on. It is quite large and if I understand right is a flat spot on top of a hill. This women gave us permission to hold the crusade on this piece of property.Through being on the property for three days now, and seeing us help the people of Pass Rien she has shared more of her story. She is a very influential women in the community. A few days ago a very famous witch doctor in Haiti died. He was holding a voodoo conference. This women evidently had relations with this witch doctor and has a child by him. She said she has been a witch doctor and had previously been married to a voodoo priest. She said that she has been separated from him for a long time. She has been dealing with some of the most powerful men in the voodoo religion in Haiti. Now that she is getting older she is "scared of being left to satan". Twice she has told both Mike and Nathan that she wants to know Jesus, but she has not chosen to do anything about it. Please pray that this women would give her life to the Lord. Pray that she would make the choice to follow God. I know that it is not an accident that she has allowed the crusade to take place on her property. She is being drawn. Pray that she lets God in. She has offered Nathan and Mike some of her property, but they are being careful and cautious. Nathan has told her we would only be on property that we have paid for and that we are waiting for the Lord's leading. So please pray for a miracle in her life, what a testimony it would be to the people in the village, all 3000 of them.

On another note, Mike said it has been extremely hot in Haiti, but the team managed to get the screens built and up on the bedroom windows. The girls on the team made thank yous for the staff, some of the team built nesting boxes for chickens we hope to have. Some of the team went through the orphanage children's bins to make sure they still have clothes and shoes that fit them, and they made bins for all of the new orphans that have come to us. The team also restocked the Nanny's bins (they like to be called keepers). We are trying to help the nanny's have extra supplies like sheets, towels and antibiotic ointment for the middle of the night problems that can come up. Also a lasting supply of good heavy body lotion, hair lotion, vitamins, etc. Adam and Jason installed a new vanity in the medical clinic's bathroom. We actually disassembled it here and stacked it together with duct tape to count as a suitcase. Then Adam and Jason rebuilt it in Haiti. :) The team also repaired some broken benches in the Church. Later in the day the team went swimming in the river with the kids, can you picture 56 Haitian children in the river with 16 Caucasian team members. :) In the afternoon the team went into town and visited the markets in the alleys and streets in Gonaives. Mike found some plastic wash basins for the laundry to be washed in. He said they were lower, wider, and tougher plastic they the gray Rubbermaid bins we use for the children's belongings and for food. This will make it easier for the women washing all of the clothing, sheets and towels.

For those of you who do not know us very well, Mike and I also have a heart for family and marriage. When Mike is home we also do premarital counseling. We have counseled a variety of people from many walks of life. Not a light hearted quick approach either. Our average pre-martial counseling consists of 8 or more meetings of 2-3 hours each. We cover everything, nothing is left unaddressed. So because of our heart for marriage, and because Nadine feels like one of our children, Mike has rewritten our premarital counseling information, so that it would be relevant to a couple in Haiti and still have the basic information covered. On this trip he has been able to spend time sharing with Nadine and Jonas, which he says has been great. He also was able to share a shorter version with one of Angel's daughters. Angel lives by the church, he used to be a witch doctor, but has been a Christian for a long time now. His oldest daughter will be married in a month, so Mike was thrilled to be able to share with them.

Tomorrow the team will be going to visit Peru, another village of ours to the northeast up in the mountains. We have a church plant up there and a school. It is more beautiful in Peru. Please pray for the team tomorrow as they travel to Peru. Please also pray that the Holy Spirit goes ahead of them and that they are able to encourage the people. Thanks so much.



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