Sunday, July 17, 2011


Some exciting news tonight. First church went well this morning. Mike taught and Jim lead worship. Mike said many people came forward for prayer at the end of church. After church the team played with the children and did skits. Later in the afternoon they went up to Pass Rien, the new village we are working with. In May I wrote and told you about starting to minister in Pass Rien. When they left Marose it was raining. It did not rain in Pass Rien, there was just lightening. This was the first afternoon and evening of a three day crusade. The team and our Good Shepherd pastors met in an open field. In the beginning there were about 2 dozen people from the village. They started with worship and teaching, then worship again, then some of the team members shared their testimonies. Then they worshiped more, the crowd of people growing the whole time. They gave an invitation to come forward and a few came forward and gave their lives to the Lord, mostly adults. Then Mike felt like he was supposed to pray for a blind man. After a while he felt like God said, ask him if he can see? So Mike asked Jonas to translate, the man did not understand at first, he just wanted to keep praying with his eyes closed. Mike pointed his face toward the light and Jonas asked him again, the man said he could see but everything was blurry. Mike looked around and saw a group of about 20 children 8 years old and under, on their knees praying and asking God into their hearts. Mike felt like God said to have the children pray because of their new faith. The children started praying and God moved and the man was completely healed, he could see!!!! By the end of the evening, 40 to 45 people had given their lives to the Lord. God is so awesome!! Mike felt like the Lord also said, that the reason so many teens and young people came to the Lord, was because he was going to do some amazing things in Pass Rien. And the young people who gave their lives to the Lord would see the truth and light easier, and not get hung up on how things were supposed to be. Praise God!!!!

Tomorrow the team will be going to Emory's to feed the poorest of the poor. As I have shared before, it can be very hard for some of the team members emotionally. For many of these children it is the only meal they will receive that day. They used to be able to feed only the first 250 children that arrived. They are able to feed more now, so it is not quite as hard to see. You do still need to help the littlest ones eat so that their share is not taken from them by others. It is pretty heart wrenching to watch. Please pray for the team as they minister in Gonavies. Then after lunch they will go back up to Pass Rien for the second day of the crusade. Please pray that hearts continue to be touched and that the Holy Spirit moves.

Please also pray for safe travel for Nathan and Steve as they go back to Por-au-Prince, to the US embassy to sign the I600 for adoption. Thanks again for all of your prayers. They are so important in moving the kingdom of God forward.



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