Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today the team spent most of the day at the worship conference with the pastors and worship leaders from the association. Mike said the morning started out with power problems, sound system problems, computer problems and equipment problems. So Mike gathered all of the pastors and worship leaders and told them obviously the enemy did not want the teaching to happen, so they needed to pray. After prayer everything worked. Jim taught for 3 hours with a break, then another 2 hours, and they stopped for lunch. Then he taught another 2 hours and they broke for dinner. After dinner they had a worship celebration. They had a Haitian music group play and then a Haitian choir from one of the churches sang, then Nathan played and then Jim and his group played. After that, they had ministry time and lots of people came forward. Mike said there were healings, and one man in particular came forward, he said he was having a lot of head pain. He said that a doctor had seen him and said he had a brain problem. He was prayed for and said all of the pain went away and he felt completely healed. Praise God, the Haitian people come expecting God to show up and He does!

The team also passed out the gifts for the children from their sponsors and took photos of the new children in the orphanage. It is wonderful to be able to pass out the gifts, it is encouraging to the children and tells them that someone cares and is supporting them and praying for them. It is a physical showing that God cared enough to rescue them and touch someones heart to care for them. Thank you so very much to all of you that reach out to the children and staff, we really apprecitate it.

Tomorrow Mike will be teaching during church in Marose and Jim will be leading worship. Please pray for both of them, that they follow the Holy Spirits leading and that their teaching is relevant, encouraging and life giving.

Thanks so much and blessings,


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