Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 15, 2011


I talked with Mike tonight. The team is doing great. They have been busy doing repairs, installing hose bibs, organizing bins and taking an inventory of suplies needed. We have an ER tech and 2 medics on this trip, they have been taking inventory of the medical clinic. Yesterday the team hiked up the mountain to our cross and spent time praying. Later Mike shared with the staff and children about the adoptions that will be taking place. It is hard to tell at this point, but Mike felt like it went well, at least it will be a starting place for dialog. So again, thank you for your prayers. The team spent time playing with the children durning the day and in the evening they spent time singing and playing music with them. They also gave out glow sticks. Glo sticks are a highlight for the children. It is fun to watch the faces of the new children and adults as the sticks are broken and they light up. The newest children have never seen anything like glow sticks. Also, we were able to schedule a meeting for signing the I600 adoption paperwork on Monday. Praise God! Thanks so much for all of your prayers.

The Pastors association meeting went well. Both Mike and Kate shared in the morning, then after lunch they had a time of worship, prayer and ministry and then Mike shared again. In the past I have shared about a man we connected with that has translated over 600 modern worship songs into Haitian Creole. We had purchased the translation and sheet music for over 300 of the songs from him. We shared them with Nathan and the other pastors at the conference in May. Nathan is a natural musican and can play many instruments and we believe Nathan has a mantle of worship over him. Jim, the man that has translated the worship music has been trying to work out a time that he could come and teach worship leaders connected to our ministry. This trip it has worked out for him and his team to be able to come to our church in Marose and teach the pastors and worship leaders in our association. Jim and his team were able to join our team for the pastors association meeting and they will be having an all day seminar for the pastors and leaders tomorrow(saturday). We are very excited about this. Please pray that the Holy Spirt would be present and reveal the heart of worship to the pastors and worship leaders. The heart of worship is so much more than singing great songs or hymns. Worship affects all aspects of our lives and is the vehicle to inimacy with God our father.

On an interesting note. Fanklin Grahm, Billy Grahm's son, is having a crusade in Haiti near the end of next week. He has a famous Brazilian soccer player and a Haitian soccer player that have become christians who will be sharing their testimony during the crusade in Haiti. Nathan has met Franklin before and has said that it may be possible for the team to meet him. Nathan also said that they are filming the crusade and that he might be able to get a copy of the film to share in our communities. Again thank you so very much for your prayers.



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