Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18,2011

Hello again,

Today was another great day for the team. In the morning they played with the kids and did crafts with them. A little before lunch they went into Gonaives to Emory's to feed the poor children. They helped feed the children and passed out candy to them afterwards. They worked with another short term mission group from a Methodist church. Then they invited everyone from that team back to our orphanage for lunch. Emory's wife was able to see our doctor for a problem she is having with her ankle. Please pray for her ankle to heal.

In the afternoon our team went up to Pass Rien again for the 2nd day of the crusade. Three or four of the team members gave their testimonies. Mike and Nathan each shared two messages. Another pastor from our association also gave a message. Some of the other pastor's from the association spent the time walking around the village constantly praying. During the crusade tonight they prayed for one lady who was sick and had gone to a witch doctor. The witch doctor put a spell on her and told her she had to keep giving him money or she would die. She had run out of money and was afraid. They prayed for her and she gave her heart to the Lord and was set free. They also prayed for a demon to come out of a man, and he was set free. Tonight, they had 25 more people come forward and give their lives to the Lord!!! Afterwards Mike showed them a 6ft by 6ft piece of concrete on the ground near where they were. This concrete evidently was the porch of a church that had been knocked down by a storm many years ago. Mike told all of them to come forward who had given their lives to the Lord the last two nights. He then told them that they were now the church, His Church and so a new church is now planted in Pass rein. Mike said the spiritual climate feels much like it does in Peru. There is much fruit, but you can tell there is a spiritual battle going on for each victory.

Steve and Nathan were still not able to sign the I 600 today, they were given an appointment for Friday morning before the team flies out of Port-au-Prince. Adoption also produces much fruit, but you can tell there is a spiritual battle that goes on before each victory. Please pray for victory in this area, in the signing of the necessary adoption forms.

Tomorrow the team will do some projects around the orphanage. They will be building screens for all of the children's bedroom windows for one. YEAH!!! We do not usually have any problems with mosquitoes, but the last couple of months have been worse. So the team took screening material with them on this trip.

Also tomorrow Nathan will be attending a meeting as the community of Marose's representative. The meeting is regarding the possibility of putting power poles along the road in Marose. This would be a huge accomplishment. Evidently a Philippine Internet company in Haiti is putting up poles for the Internet and there is a possibility of the poles also being used for power. It would not be dependable power, but at least it would be available some of the time. Even in Port-au-Prince,

the power is not dependable. In the orphanage three of our children came from, you were lucky if you got 2 or 3 hours of power a day. Some of those hours would be in the middle of the night. Some days there would be no power. It would come on randomly. This is why we have generators and have hooked up the wiring so that we will be able to store extra power in batteries. Please pray for a good outcome and favor for our community at this meeting. Again thank you for your prayers, they truly make a difference.



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