Thursday, July 14, 2011

I talked with Mike this morning. There are two things on the schedule today that we would like prayer for. The first is the staff and orphanage meeting. Mike will be talking about adoption. Up to this point we have not said anything to the children about adoption, although because of laboratory and medical appointments in Port-au-Prince for the children being adopted, there is some speculation going on. We have not wanted to say anything up to this point, because it takes a long time and a lot of paperwork and money for each family to be approved by both countries. We have wanted to wait for approval from both countries, because we do not want to add to the rejection and abandonment that each orphan already feels. Mike will not tell them who is being adopted today, and he will not tell them which families are adopting, because we still do not have that approval. But because of the speculation he is addressing the topic and letting everyone know that there will be adoptions. He is going to try to explain it in a way that the children do not feel rejected if not chosen, he will try to explain that there are government rules that make it impossible in some situations, lack of proper paperwork such as birth and death certificates, some children will be considered to old. He has talked with a social worker and has decided what to say, but this will be a hard issue to explain and have the children not take it to heart that once again they are not wanted. Please pray that they ALL will feel loved and understand that God does love them and is providing for them.
The second prayer request is for the pastor's association meeting. The meeting will be this afternoon. This will be the first time that Mike will be meeting with and teaching the pastor's since the conference in May. Please pray the Holy Spirit will move and that the pastor's will be refreshed and given inspiration and encouragement.
The team will be doing some repairs and projects around the orphanage today. Also they will be playing with the children and serving hot dogs. We try to have each team bring an american food for the children and staff at the orphanage that would be fun for the children. Thank you so much for your prayers we really appreciate them.

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