Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This morning started with bible study and worship with the children, they absolutely
love worshiping. Mike said it has been great watching the nanny's or keepers(Mike found out that this is what they prefer to be called, they explained to him their word is like caretaker). In the past the ratio of adults to children made it almost impossible to make sure all of the children were bathed daily, lotioned up daily,
or given vitamins daily, ect. Now that the number is one keeper to every 4-6 children, they are enjoying the responsibility more and really doing a good job. The vision we had of family style care for the children is finally coming to pass. Things like daily body lotion might not seem like a big deal, but to us it means they are receiving the gentle physical touch we would have received from our mothers, someone is telling them they are valued enough to be cared for even though their parents or guardians gave them up. It is a picture of God giving them some of the desires of their hearts. When Mike and I have talked to a few of them about what they would like to do if they could chose, they blush, look to the side and can not even think of answering that type of question. Our hope is that as surviving no longer becomes the focus of their daily life, they will begin to see what they could become. Some of the children have been brought to us, some have brought themselves to us and some Nathan has found living on the streets as young as 4 or 5 years old. We have seen some of them change right before our eyes as they realize they are in a safe place. So it is God also giving Mike and I some of the desires of our hearts.

The team also went up to Peru today, which is northeast of us up into the mountains.
The team built another huge cross and painted it with the reflective paint and then carried it up the mountain in Peru. Mike said that it hangs out over a rocky knoll.
And since it is even higher than our cross in Marose, it shows from all over the
valley. Along with the cross itself, they had to haul 5 gallon buckets of water, rock
and cement to set it in. They also visited the school children and teachers and prayed over them, and passed out candy. The plan was to pass out backpacks also, so
I am pretty sure they did, I forgot to ask. Then they visited the boy who can not walk and his mother. The mother was so happy to see them that Mike said she started crying. He has limited speech, but Mike said that he told Mike that he knows Jesus.
He was thrilled to receive the gifts, Mike said that he was all smiles. Mike
gave him some photos of us with him and of his mother and him. The team also prayed for him. There did not seem to much change physically other then he seemed happier.
Please keep praying and believing for his healing.

When the team returned to Marose they finished up all the plumbing in kitchen and laundry room and then spent time training the workers how to use everything. Just think of the idea of turning faucet handles and having water instantly come out. And think of turning a knob, which is new in itself, and having an instant heat source for cooking. And flipping a light switch and having light in the dark. It all is new to them. There are porch lights outside of the orphanage rooms and lights inside, there are even porch lights on the backside of the building. It is all new and different. Up until now only our medical clinic has had this privilege and very few have been able to experience it, since patients are there only during day light hours. Please pray for smooth adjustments and safe use of the stove, we have tried to install a auto shut off valve for the propane.

Tomorrow the team will be traveling to Gonaives to help feed the poorest of the poor.
I have shared how hard this is for some of the team members, please pray that God
shows them his heart for the poor and needy as they reach out to these children.
Please pray that our team is a blessing to Emory's feeding program.

Tomorrow will also be an important day and memory for our team member Jason.
He has decided to be baptized in the river by our orphanage. He will be the second team member that has chosen to do this as a testimony to God. In August Julie also was baptized in Marose. This is his second trip to our orphanage in Haiti and in his words God has changed his life. Please pray for him tomorrow as he takes this important step in faith.

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