Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I just got off the phone with Mike, after a delay at the New York airport the team arrived safely in Port-au-Prince.They had their first Haitian dinner half way up to Marose just before dusk. They are sleeping in our new orphanage dinning room. Which is great, it is just freshly painted. So it will be lighter, cleaner and will have less bugs :)
Tomorrow the team will be working on installing the commercial propane stove and building some desks for the office and possibly some shelves for the kitchen and laundry. We have two medics on the team and one has a wife that is a good organizer, so they will be organizing and restocking the medical clinic. We took 28 bins and a couple of suitcases on this trip so the team will be organizing the contents of the bins. And then the idea is that each child in the orphanage will get his own bin to act as a dresser in his or her own room. They are the largest we could bring on the plane so they are pretty good size. We have taken about 40 bins down there already, so there should be enough for all of the children and nanny's, and still leave some for the kitchen and storage depot. Rubbermaid bins or totes tend to be pretty tough and will keep out the dust, water and rodents hopefully. Thanks so much to all of you that helped with towels, sheets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, ect. It will be great to be able to create a bin for each child to hold his clothes and things. Another new concept for the children :) For a while now we have wanted to paint different scriptures along the tops of the walls up by the ceiling of each room, now that the rooms are painted we can. So tomorrow part of the team will be stenciling encouraging verses around the rooms. Mike will also be meeting with the contractor, welder, painter, electrician, carpenter, tile setter, and generator man to plan out the final punch list for finishing up the first 2 buildings completely. If you have ever been to Haiti, you know that most buildings are never completed. He will also look at what is needed for building number 3. So tomorrow will be projects around the orphanage and time spent playing with the children and interacting with our staff.
Prayers would be appreciated for productivity and all the necessary tools and items needed to finish these projects. Also for a lot of love to be given to the children.
Blessings, Chris

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